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The ESI & Social Media Discovery Toolbox (“ESI Toolbox”) is a repository of information related to the most common and prevalent service providers that host or manage electronically stored information (ESI), including social media evidence. Specifically, the ESI Toolbox contains up-to-date contact information, legal templates (e.g., subpoenas, preservation demand, etc.), and general information typically required for service of process. The ESI Toolbox also contains guidance for requesting important ESI from various service providers.

The ESI Toolbox has an abundance of information for providers of webmail, cloud storage, cryptocurrency, cellular service, Internet service, social media, and more.

Although the ESI Toolbox maintains content for all of the top service providers, some lesser-known service providers may not yet have made it into our database. In such cases, fill out a short form on the website, call us, or email us, and we will add that information to the ESI Toolbox.

The ESI Toolbox is primarily designed for attorneys in any state or territory of the United States who practice matrimonial and family law, personal injury, general civil litigation, probate and surrogates court litigation, or any other type of litigation that routinely involves individuals as litigants.

The ESI Toolbox is accessible via the Internet using any web browser. The simple interface is designed to allow users to search by keyword or filter by category to easily find content.

You could; however, this information can be difficult to locate or inaccurate due to conflicting, out-of-date sources on the Internet. Both circumstances are time-consuming, frustrating, and can lead to costly delays in having your subpoena(s) processed and responded to. In addition, the ESI Toolbox provides subpoena templates with the proper technical wording for various ESI being requested – along with critically important jurisdictional forms and checklists to ensure you get it right the first time. All of this allows you to focus on your casework while we provide the tools you need to obtain ESI & social media evidence from various service providers.

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