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Pinterest, Inc.


Many California (“CA”) based Providers (in addition to Meta and Google) refuse to honor any civil process that is not domesticated in CA. 

Although some CA based Providers do not uniformly insist on the same and will often respond to valid subpoenas not domesticated in CA, best practice is to domesticate all civil subpoenas directed to CA based providers. This process is accomplished by completing the forms provided here, which should be adjusted as necessary, and delivering them to the Clerk of the Superior Court in and for the County in which the Provider is headquartered. This is a simple procedure which merely requires filing of the original or certified copy of the subpoena with the completed forms requesting domestication, and the necessary filing fee (see here) payable to “Superior Court”. Original signatures are NOT required, but if the subpoena is not the original, it must be a certified copy. Once domesticated, the subpoena can be served on the Provider or their Registered Agent.

Service of Process Information

Registered Agent Address:
CT Corporation
CLICK HERE for the Registered Agent’s Address by State

Registered Agent Phone Number: (800) 624-0909
Registered Agent Fax Number: N/A
Registered Agent Email Address: N/A

Corporate Headquarters: 505 Brannan Street San Francisco, CA

Phone Number: 
(650) 555-5555

Pre-filled Templates & Forms

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        Additional Information

        Summarized from the Pinterest Help Center:

        Please note, we may call to confirm submissions in order to ensure legitimacy. If possible, in your request, provide a link/URL to a publicly available contact number when submitting requests. If we are unable to confirm the submission, it could result in a delay in our response.

        You can’t compel Pinterest to provide any user information unless you obtain a valid U.S. court order (via the mutual legal assistance treaties or letter rogatory).

        To respond to your request(s), we’ll need:

        • The applicable documents described above
        • The unique username ([username]) and/or email address used to create their Pinterest account
        • A valid return email address

        In order to ensure your request is narrow and does not seek more information than necessary (potentially at additional cost and time), we ask for the following:

        Pinterest must be notified in accordance with applicable U.S. law.

        Users on Pinterest have a display name (at the top of their profile) and a unique username (in their profile’s URL). To find an account, we need the username or the email address on the account.

        To find a username:

        • On the Pinterest website, go to a user’s profile and find the username in the address bar following “ ”
        • In the iOS app, go to a user’s profile and tap the flag in the top left corner of the screen. The username will appear in parentheses near the bottom of the screen.
        • In the Android app, go to a user’s profile and tap the flag in the top left corner of the screen. The username will appear in parentheses near the bottom of the screen.