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Venmo, LLC

(Subsidiary of PayPal Holdings, Inc.)

Service of Process Information

Registered Agent Address:
CT Corporation
CLICK HERE for the Registered Agent’s Address by State

Registered Agent Phone Number: N/A
Registered Agent Fax Number: N/A
Registered Agent Email Address: N/A

Corporate Headquarters:
117 Barrow Street
New York, NY 10014

Phone Number: (855) 812-4430

Pre-filled Templates & Forms

    How-to Guides

      Service of Process Checklist

      • Download and complete the subpoena template.
      • Select the Registered Agent address in the state where litigation is pending using the link above in the Service of Process Information section above.
      • Include the required information in the subpoena. (See Additional Information below.)
      • Serve the domesticated subpoena on Venmo, LLC at the Registered Agent address.

      Additional Information

      All requests should include as much information about the subject as possible.
      Venmo is able to locate accounts with the following:
      • Email Address
      • Venmo Username
      • Merchant Display Name
      • Venmo Payment ID
      • Phone Number
      • Bank (Routing number and the last four digits of the account number)

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