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Save countless hours of research and form preparation. Avoid costly delays due to formatting errors, missing forms, or incorrectly worded data requests when gathering electronically stored information (ESI), including social media evidence.

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We Solve your ESI & Social Media Discovery Challenges

We Solve your ESI & Social Media Discovery Challenges

Up-to-date service of process information for all the top providers from webmail and cloud storage to ISPs and cryptocurrency exchanges with new providers added regularly.

  • How-To Guides
  • Pre-filled Subpoena Templates
  • Domestication Forms
  • Service of Process Checklist

I don't know what technical information to include in my subpoena or where to serve it

ESI Toolbox is designed to guide you through how to serve process on a variety of companies. Using the included subpoena templates and pre-filled forms along with the checklists and how-to guides, you have all of the information you need to serve a subpoena quickly and successfully.

Access up-to-date service of process requirements and contacts to subpoena ESI from providers (including special forms).

Download customizable templates for subpoenas, preservation demands, and more.

Learn how to obtain specific types of ESI and social media evidence without a subpoena.


I don't have the staff or time to prepare a subpoena like this

The NGH Group can reduce your stress and maximize your billing. We have a team of lawyers and experts that focus on high-tech cyber investigations.

The NGH Group can:

  • Prepare your subpoena
  • Complete the necessary forms
  • Serve the subpoena
  • Review the information produced in response to the subpoena
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Take control of obtaining ESI and social media evidence via subpoena.

ESI Toolbox is a simple to use, all-in-one platform to help make the complex process of obtaining ESI and social media evidence from various service providers via subpoena, or other means, as simple and pain-free (and mistake-free) as possible.


The data you are requesting must be clearly spelled out and should be something your client does not already have (authorized) access to.


Based on the data you are requesting, you must also provide details such as a user ID, email address, crypto deposit address, or specific dates.


The subpoena needs to include the aforementioned information along with anything else requested by the company you plan to serve process on.


If a company is not acting as their own registered agent to accept service of process, then the registered agent must be identified and verified. The registered agent, their address, and service of process requirements – which can change periodically – must be known and followed.


In some jurisdictions, such as California, and based on the company, a subpoena may need to be domesticated before it can be served. This requires additional, mandatory steps to be taken.


Once the subpoena (and domestication, if necessary) is complete, the subpoena can be served on the company or their registered agent.


Following the service of a subpoena, and so long as the company has the ESI you are requesting, it needs to be reviewed. This data might simply include accountholder information but could also include IP addresses, MAC addresses, or cell phone numbers that require further investigation, or possibly additional subpoenas to other service providers.

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